ElectriStor™ OEM Platform

Our customers, energy storage system integrators, have varying needs based on different business models, engineering expertise, manufacturing capability, etc. WattJoule’s ElectriStor™ product platform enables these OEM system integrators to rapidly build full energy storage systems for their specific customer project requirements. Our platform is a modular, scalable system that requires a minimum of non-recurring engineering time for any one project. We can provide the complete DC storage system so that our customers can provide significant value-add in terms of the balance-of-system:  enclosures and ventilation, AC-DC power conversion, electrical protection and energy management software. However, WattJoule can offer any or all of these balance-of-system components, as our customers require. This allows system integrators to take on as much, or as little, of the engineering and manufacturing effort as their internal resources allow.

ElectriStor™ is a modular and highly scalable product. The platform consists of two major sub-modules:  an energy conversion module and an energy storage module. The energy conversion module contains the energy converter stacks, pumps, sensors and controls packaged together. The energy storage module is a specialized tank assembly that contains the storage liquids, also called the electrolytes. Since power and energy are fully independent in our system, there is a large range of flexibility. To obtain higher power levels, you cluster together energy conversion modules. To obtain higher energy levels, you can either increase the size of a pair of tanks and/or cluster pairs of tanks together. Clustering is easily accomplished in our modules via a unique control system and electrical power architecture that auto-synchronizes multiple modules. Power can range from 2kW to 200MW. Energy can range from 10kWh to 1000MWh.  The two are completely independent in our platform.

ElectriStor™ is offered in a variety of base OEM configurations as shown below. System integrators, with needs outside the standard module offerings above, can contact us to explore more customized system configurations for their specialized applications and projects. Energy management software, at the microgrid or smart grid interface level, can also be provided as an option, or the OEM can provide their own. WattJoule also offers engineering integration support. More detailed technical specifications will be available in the near future.

ElectriStor™ Module Configurations

Model Energy Power Physical Interface Max Cluster Capacity
ES10 10kWh 2kW Enclosed DC or AC None
ES100 100kWh 20kW Modular Skid
or Enclosed
DC or AC Unit Level = 200kW, 1MWh
Fleet Level = 20MW, 100MWh
ES500 500kWh 100kW Modular Skid
or Enclosed
DC or AC Unit Level = 2MW, 10MWh
Fleet Level = 200MW, 1000MWh
ECM100¹ 100kW Modular Skid
No Tanks²
DC or AC Unit Level = 2MW, 10MWh
Fleet Level = 200MW, 1000MWh
Custom OEM Custom Custom Custom Custom Unit Level = 2MW, 10MWh
Fleet Level = 200MW, 1000MWh

 ¹ Energy Conversion Module            ² Customer provides tanks

Grid-Tied ElectiStor™ ES10 System

Grid-Tied ElectriStor ES10 System Under Operational Test