Our Mission

Decarbonization & Climate Change Solutions … The Time to Act Is Now!

The impact of climate change means that extreme heatwaves, heavy rain, severe flooding, and more destructive hurricanes are becoming more frequent and have staggering costs. The cost of doing nothing, being far higher than doing something, is manifestly obvious, as extreme weather events are shaking the World as both human and financial losses mount.

Waiting is no longer an option. We need to rethink how we produce and consume energy and operate a radical switch to renewables and low carbon energy sources.

As a consequence of this huge challenge, no one single decarbonization tool will suffice to take us to net zero. It is apparent that we will need multiple solutions and approaches to make this transition a reality. Acting deciders are now moving ahead with the aim to produce green electricity, green EV charging infrastructure, green hydrogen, green ammonia, and now green water desalination to solve the growing global water crisis.

WattJoule’s mission is to holistically enable the cost-effective scalability of such deployment initiatives by focusing on energy storage as an integral part of all the necessary solutions. Our commitment is to think globally and act locally, especially in regions where synergies with local stakeholders have a real impact on the stability and scalability of the supply chain to multiple disruptions.

WattJoule’s next generation ElectriStor™ Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) Platform enables a 50% cost reduction over today’s VRFB platforms, saving over 40% in raw material alone. This is a major breakthrough in the field of flow batteries where we dramatically lower the cost of VRFB. We address sustainable scalability holistically, through enabling low cost vanadium sourcing, high performance core components, less material to transport, process and deploy, and the ability to operate in harsh temperature environments, all of which enables a significant cost reduction. Our business model provides technology licensing & engineering services that simplify the rapid adoption of flow batteries and promotes local manufactured content to achieve customer economic development goals.

ElectriStor™ technology is ideally suited for integrating renewables such as PV and wind to the grid. Unlike most batteries, ElectriStor™ does not degrade when fully charged and discharged, and is suited to Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) requirements. This means it can handle the full load charge / discharge rates, high temperatures, and diurnal cycles that characterize these applications. In addition, ElectriStor™ power and energy are independently scalable, allowing it to be optimized to your energy storage requirements, and, as the electrolyte does not degrade, it is fully recyclable and retains virtually full residual value over the system’s 20 plus year lifetime.