Our Offer

ElectriStor™ is the next generation of VRFB, that can enable a significant 50% cost savings based on a major reduction in material use. ElectriStor™ is the missing link that can overcome the existing cost barrier for VRFB, thereby enabling full commercialization for large scalable LDES applications that can address climate change. We build upon the proven vanadium flow battery chemistry and have made multiple key interlocking improvements that taken together dramatically decrease material use and hence lower cost.

Vanadium Flow Battery Chemistry
VRFB Comparison

WattJoule has developed its own technology, the next generation ElectriStor™ VRFB platform that has superior cost and performance metrics. WattJoule has also developed its own scalable, cost effective VRFB electrolyte manufacturing process that mixes, balances and provides critical ultra-purification. Our electrolyte processing and stack technology can support both legacy sulfate and next generation chloride-based vanadium electrolytes. ElectriStor™ VRFB Generation 1 is deployable today. There is no new invention required, and manufacturing scale-up is now underway.

We offer a flexible business model to optimize your value proposition for your customers. We are focused on scalable cost reduction for sustainable growth, thinking globally and acting locally, covering all aspects of the VRFB chain, from the vanadium feedstock to the full deployment of the VRFB system.

As Subject Matter Experts (SME), WattJoule has a lot of flow battery expertise that can help de-risk what our customers need to achieve. This is typically a viable, cost effective, and scalable pipeline of VRFB projects deployed over time.

Pipeline of VRFB Projects