Grid-scale energy storage is transforming the way in which we harness the power of the world’s electricity systems. With its inherent scaling ability, the WattJoule ElectriStor™ enables small 10kWh systems to very large 1GWh utility scale energy storage plants. ElectriStor™ supports both energy and fast response, power based applications in one platform. It delivers short or long duration capability (seconds to hours of energy storage) with low lifetime operating costs requiring high cycle life over a 20+ year lifetime.

ElectriStor —

  • Enables greater integration of renewable power generation and provide clean, cost-effective generation capacity in load centers where it’s most needed
  • Stores inexpensive electricity produced at night for use during peak hours of the day, eliminating inefficient peaking generating and reducing costs and emissions
  • Defers or avoids the need to upgrade and maintain expensive transmission and distribution infrastructure, reducing the financial risks associated with large investments in under-utilized capacity
  • Provides Ancillary Services — such as frequency regulation, voltage/var support and “spinning” reserve response to maintain safe, reliable, and secure transmission of electricity on the grid.